Wedding guests slam bride & groom for serving 'prison food' at their reception

omg 05/11/2019

A bride and groom have faced backlash from their wedding guests after serving what their guests described as 'prison food' at their wedding reception.

The food was served on a paper plate and consisted of baked beans, a plain potato salad and pulled pork.

A photo of the meal was shared on a 'wedding shaming' Facebook group where people went in on it...

The wedding photographer said "the venue was gorgeous. But that’s it. That’s where the effort stopped it felt like. Fed us baked beans, coleslaw, pulled pork and potato salad. I love BBQ but damn."

They were also outraged that there was no additional food served throughout the day.

Once the photo was posted, the tounge in cheek comments came in thick and fast...

"They let you have destination weddings at prisons?" one snarked. 

"It could be the lighting but why does that meat look varying shades of grey?" asked another.

Someone else quizzed, "what prison is this at?" 

While the guests made their point of view pretty clear, we hope everyone was able to put it to one side and enjoy the day.