Mum makes amazing 'Lego' feature wall out of A4 coloured paper

we love 03/12/2019

A mum's amazing and clever DIY idea has been widely praised online. The woman brought her 'Lego crazy' son's play area to life simply using A4 bits of paper.

"So, my son's Lego corner needed revamping, but with the price of Lego self-adhesive mural feature wall being in excess of *$150* for the area I wanted to cover, I decided to improvise by using A4 sheets of coloured paper." she wrote on Facebook.

"Not finished, but looking good so far. My son is really happy, and that is all that matters!"

Photo credit: Facebook | DIY On A Budget

The response towards the woman's work in progress was hugely positive.

"That's a mint idea! Wish I'd seen this before I'd just decorated my kids' room." one wrote.

"What a great, inexpensive idea. Brilliant!" added another.

We tend to agree with the comments above - such a clever way of doing up a previously dull space.