Australians have taken it a step too far with bizarre Fairy Bread Burger

omg 24/01/2020

It's the food combination of your childhood dreams, and perhaps your adult nightmares...

After one Adelaide burger restaurant thought they'd push the bun boundaries with a 'Lamington Burger', it seems like Sydney wanted to one-up the idea with their own bizarre sugary burger creation.

Sydney's Downtown Brooklyn has created a burger with two thick slabs of wagyu, two streaks of maple bacon and two slices of American Cheese. And everything is stuffed between a fairy-bread style buttered doughnut sprinkled with 100s and 1000s.

The burger, made specifically for Australia Day celebrations, has surprisingly had a number of positive comments from equally crazy Australians.

“I can’t tell you how much this excited me,” said one user on Facebook.

“I LOVE fairy bread and I love burgers,” one user commented on Instagram. However, there are the few that have raised an eyebrow at the meal.

“I’m drooling yet uncomfortable,” one person admitted, while another said how our arteries are feeling: "Even if it tastes good, I could never consume more than 1 bite. Haha that’s a heart attack waiting to happen."

Is this concoction umm or yum? We can only imagine....