Mum makes incredible KFC birthday cake for her chicken loving son

we love 20/01/2020

KFC lovers will be incredibly jealous of this cake a mum made for her son for his birthday.

She shared her creation to a Mudcakes Hacks Facebook group where it has since gone viral.

"When your sons favorite meal from KFC is a Zinger Box you create one for his birthday." she wrote.

Photo credit: Facebook | Woolies | Coles Mudcake Hack

"Everything is cake apart from the chip and meal box, the drink and the potato and gravy container which has cake in it also. And can you guess what he had for tea - that’s right a zinger box."

To make the cake the mum used butter cream, a supermarket mudcake, plain sponge cake, white chocolate, corn flakes & sesame seeds.

It might a bit of work to assemble, but this would be a great way to surprise a KFC for their birthday!

Photo credit: Facebook | Woolies | Coles Mudcake Hack