Mum uses genius $5 Kmart hack to transform shabby dining chairs

we love 20/01/2020

As much as we love kids, there's no denying the fact that sometimes they have the tendancy to ruin thing - especially furniture - from time to time.

This mum has shared how she gave her shabby dining chairs a new lease on life.

"My dining chairs were absolutely ruined thanks to my two little hurricanes... $5.50 table cloth from Kmart did the trick," the mum wrote on a Facebook group.

Basically, the mum bought a $5.50 table cloth from Kmart and used it to reupholster her seats! 

"Easy to clean and not breaking the bank if needs to be replaced in a few months." she added.

The cloth that she used was the 'Flannelback Palm Tablecloth' which retails for $5.50. But you could use any kind of tablecloth that you liked!