Woman shares her frustrations over how the same size jeans can vary so hugely

omg 13/01/2020

A shopper from the UK has opened up about the frustrations of jean shopping in a viral Facebook post.

The woman shared a photo of 3 jeans, which all look very different - in reality they are all size 12!

"These are all the same size! Boggles me." the woman wrote on Facebook.

The woman spoke to Fabulous Digital about the discrepancies people often find while jean shopping.

"It definitely makes it frustrating to shop. Size doesn’t define you, but it 100 per cent affects you mentally." she said.

"You should be able to go and pick jeans you like in your size in any shop, and the style be the only factor affecting you decision, not the fact you're five different sizes on the same high street - and online shopping is a entire boggling universe in itself."

Many people reached out to the woman after her post gained attention.

"I wear anything from a size 12-16 depending on shape and style. It’s crazy." one person wrote.

"Sizes are so messed up but this is also why so many people have body issues." added another.

"I used to love clothes shopping and now I hate it." another wrote simply.

Have you ever been a victim of this kind of sizing issue?