Woman shares her genius hack for storing used shopping bags

omg 13/01/2020

Most households have a cupboard full of shopping bags that just don't get used. The cupboard is probably a mess - which is why this woman's hack has been a hit with people online!

The hack is simple and will make the bag draw a lot more orderly. Although the hack is done on plastic bags, it would totally work with reusable bags.

"We're all guilty of forgetting to take a shopping bag to the supermarket with us, meaning we end up having to buy one or two to get our shopping home." the woman wrote on Instagram.

"But once you've got them home, where do you store them? Most people scrunch them up and put them in a drawer thats overflowing... Keep them organised by folding them neatly into a triangle and then you can keep them stored neatly in a basket, freeing up much needed space in you drawers & Cupboards."

You can check the hack out in the video and photos below...