Bride's list of duties for her bridal party slammed for being outrageous

omg 11/02/2020

A bride's list of 'outrageous' demands for her bridesmaids has the internet up in arms. Particularly the fact that she asked her bridesmaids for a wedding gift.

"Just wanted to share my bridesmaid proposal boxes with you guys since I’m always curious to see what everyone else puts in their’s," she wrote alongside a photo of the box. 

The photo showed a list of expectations for her bridesmaids, one of which read "purchase a wedding gift. Talk to the other bridesmaids about pitching in for a joint wedding gift,"

The reactions came in thick and fast...

“I hate this – it's so demanding! Your bridesmaids are your friends not your funding source,” one wrote.

“If they're expected to pay for their outfits and accessories and pre wedding activities then that should be their wedding gift. Expecting a gift on top of everything else is just too much,” added another person.

“The boxes are cute but the list of duties telling the bridesmaids to buy the bride a gift is rough,” someone else said.

But not everyone thought it was a bad idea. “I like this. Tell me what you need or expect so that there are no surprises, and since it's a proposal I can always say 'no' if I'm not okay with any of it – simple,”

What do you make of the controversial list?