Crafty parents share their DIY climbing wall they made for their kids

we love 12/02/2020

These parents have gone viral after sharing the results of their homemade climbing wall that they made for their kids.

"Looked at getting a climbing Wall for my son it was looking at $500 for a basic one like this." the mum wrote on the DIY on a budget Facebook page.

"So we decided to build it instead costing no more than $100 and 2 days of my partner building just need the top finishing off and I couldnt be happier. Thought I'd share with you all."

"Love this, great idea!" one person wrote.

"This is genius. I bet you could build one of these easily." added another

Another simply said "I’ll definitely give this a go."

This could be a great DIY project to do, we're sure the kids would get loads of entertainment out of it and it could work both inside and out!