Woman goes viral after sharing the things she wishes she knew as a first time mum

parenting 14/02/2020

A woman's Facebook post sharing the 27 things she wishes she knew as a first time mum has gone viral on Facebook.

The mum's honest post has resonated with parents around the world, you can read some of the points she makes below...

"1. You will in fact sleep again. Someday.

5. Always have an extra large bag of chicken nuggets waiting in the freezer for quick lunches or nights you’re too tired to cook dinner.

11. You will make mistakes. Push the guilt aside, and do better the next time around.

16. No one who has ever had kids expects your house to be spotless—you’re the only one putting that pressure on yourself. Keep your house as clean or as messy as YOU are comfortable with.

20. Even when you swear up and down that you are SO READY for a break from your kids, you’ll find yourself missing them when you’re apart.

23. Marriage is a tough job, and throwing a baby into the equation will rock the boat more than you ever imagined. Keep working at it; your spouse is worth it.

27. You don’t have to be perfect for your kids to really, really, REALLY love you.

You can read the full list that made the mum go viral below...