Mum impresses others with her heavily planned dinner meal-prep

omg 31/03/2020

This mum has impressed her Facebook friends after showing off the lengths she goes through to meal prep.

Most of us probably just tend to freeze left over meals for later, but this woman has shown how to get ahead of things by prepping virtually everyting!

Photo credit: Facebook

She's started chopping up fresh veggies and getting them ready to cook - but then placing them in the freezer for later use. She claims its a great way to speed up dinner time while also cutting down the amount of food waste!

"I meal prep and freeze everything except lettuce and tomatoes, I just wash and freeze! All my fruit and veges, no waste." the woman wrote on Facebook.

Photo credit: Facebook

The reaction online was positive to the mum's meal prep. "Oh my goodness, seeing all your pictures is extremely satisfying" one person wrote.

"Can I pay you to come and do this for me - just saying!" added another.

Photo credit: Facebook

Remembering when meal prepping it is important not to panic buy, but that's not to say you can't do this to make your fresh veges last longer!

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Source: The Sun