Mum's brilliant bike hack lets kids stay active while stuck inside

we love 06/04/2020

If you've been trying to find ways to get your kids off the computer screens and get a bit active during lockdown, then this mum's hack might be just the thing!

She found a way to turn her children's bikes into exercycles and all you need is a pair of adult shoes.

The woman simply placed the training wheels inside the shoes and bam!

Many parents thanked the mum for her clever hack, some even tried it out themselves...

"Genius! I’ll have to keep this in the back of my mind when we’re stuck in the house bc of rain!" one wrote.

"You saved our household tonight. I saw your post, ran out to the garage to get my 3-year-old’s bike, threw the training wheels into my crocs." added another.

"Love it! You’re so creative!" wrote someone else.

And if you've been thinking about getting some more exercise - maybe its time to put the training wheels back on.