Mum uses 'fake money' as a way to keep her child busy while she works from home

we love 25/03/2020

This mum has been praised for her genius way of keeping her child busy while she works from home.

Using Monopoly money, the mum pays her child for doing various chores and tasks - they can then spend the money on snacks and technology time.

"I’m working from home for the next 3 weeks. I have ONE child. Y’all mummas with one child know how bored they can get..." the mum wrote on Facebook.

"During my working hours the store is open. He can buy TV time, Xbox time and game time. Obviously next week we’ll start a home curriculum in place of school and this will change up a little!"

People were quick to praise the mum's idea...

"Perfect! Great idea!" one person wrote.

"Omg I love this idea." added another.

"I will definitely be doing this with bebe! I've let him have this week to do whatever he wants of course inside the house since it's *holidays* But next week will be a whole different story." added another.

Might be one worth trying out at your place!