This mum’s strict ‘pantry rules’ for lockdown are going viral

omg 27/03/2020

Anyone stuck at home with the kids right now knows the feeling of having to keep one eye on the kitchen at all times to stop all the snacks from being munched away within one day. 

Being on lockdown means kids are snacking a lot more out of boredom, which isn’t great considering supermarket visits are a lot more difficult and stressful with all the new rules in place. In response to this, one mum has made some new ‘pantry rules’ to keep her kids in check. 

Posted on the Facebook group ‘Mum Central’, a mum’s pantry sign titled ‘NEW pantry rules for Coronavirusgedden’ was shared:

The post quickly went viral, with many parents jumping in with their own suggestions for extra rules.

“And don’t use my flour, sugar and eggs for unnecessary baking,” one wrote.

“Point 4 needs to be in size 100 font for me,” another added.

“Might print this out,” another commented on FB.

What changes are you making in the house to keep a routine during the nationwide lockdown?