Guy accidentally gets delivery instructions engraved on girlfriend's 30th BDay present

funny stuff 22/05/2020

This boyfriend made a hilarious blunder when he tried to surprise his girlfriend for her 30th birthday. The plan was to buy her a nice gin glass with a note engraved on it... But he managed to get things a bit back to front!

"When I was putting the order through for the glass, it came up with a section saying 'note for the glass' and additional notes for the business - I got them back to front." he said

"I had a feeling that I did something wrong because I’m so dopey and I literally rushed the order as Hayley was sat next to me so had to do it secretly."

"I gave it to her yesterday morning and she literally burst out crying with laughter."

"It came gift wrapped so I didn't see it before she opened it and I was like what the hell is wrong with you? I’ve put my heart and soul into that glass! Then she showed it to me and I was mortified!"

"Hayley has already put the glass to use and enjoyed a nice gin and pink lemonade in it yesterday."

At least these guys managed to see the funny side, something this silly and simple could happen to anyone!

Source: The Sun