'Nit-picking' your partner too much can lead them to an early death says study

omg 30/06/2020

Turns out nagging and nit-picking might be more than just annoying - it could also send you to an early grave!

A recent study has found that those who are nagged and nit-picked by their partners are more likely to die slightly younger.

"It can be a type of chronic interpersonal stressor, and, just like other chronic stressors, can have a cumulative and enduring negative impact on not only health and well-being – morbidity – but also mortality," the researcher said.

"Those who indicated they were criticised 'often' had a 44 per cent higher risk of being deceased five years later compared with those who indicated they were criticised 'some of the time' and the same is true when comparing those who said they were 'hardly ever or never' criticised and those who were criticised sometimes."

"Taking into account the relative increase in risk from least to most criticism, this would mean a 107 per cent increase in mortality risk going from those who the least criticised to those who were most criticised."

To sum things up the researchers said "put simply: stop criticising your partner – it can negatively impact their health and how long they’ll live."