Mum creates a genius 'dog contract' for her kids to sign before they get a dog

we love 29/06/2020

Getting a pet is a huge commitment, but the way this mum got her kids to agree to help out with their new dog is genius!

She simply came up with a 'dog contract' which her kids had to sign and agree to before they adopted their pooch.

"After years of planning, we finally brought our new puppy home last month." the mum said on Facebook.

"I was always concerned about the novelty wearing off and our children not helping and doing all the things they 'promised' to do to help care for the dog."

"So, I made a little contract for each of them to read through, understand and sign!

"They ticked each one and could choose up to two items they didn’t want to agree to but otherwise all was good and they proudly stuck on the fridge.

"Understand it might not be for everyone but I think it could be applied to many things like a long awaited new bike, paddling pool, pet hamster.

"Even if some might think it a little harsh it has worked a treat for us all so far!"

"The kids were so very excited when I agreed to getting a puppy! On the day we collected her they set their alarms early and were ready and waiting with very big smiles."

If you're thinking of getting a dog or other animal sometime soon, this could be a clever and easy way to clearly show your expectations and hold your kids accountable!