Couple use their DIY skills to turn old bed into comfy outdoor couch

we love 29/07/2020

This couple have won praise online after sharing the results of their DIY work. They were in need of a new outdoor seating area, so transformed their old single bed into a couch!

"So me and my boyfriend made a bench out of a single bed." she wrote on the Extreme Budget Life & DIY Hacks Facebook group.

"We used foam from a guest bed and pillows and covered them with shower curtians. It cost about *$30 NZD* absolutely in love with it."

Their upcycling project has been met with huge praise...



"That’s amazing," one person wrote. "I’ve just been looking at outdoor furniture and it’s so expensive. Well done."

"Thanks for sharing, I'm now thinking I can turn an old cot into a bench too." added another.

If you need something to keep you occupied during the weekends, this DIY project could be the one!