Kmart lovers are going nuts for this $12 'instant coffee table' hack

we love 15/07/2020

This woman has been widely praised online after sharing her clever idea for creating an 'instant coffee table'.

She simply bought a $12 'Wood Wide Serve Stand' from Kmart and modified it to work with her couch.

"Although I have a coffee table, I wanted something I could sit my coffee on without having to get up all the time, especially on these cold mornings," the woman wrote.

"$12 serving board from Kmart, re-drill the base to fit the arm of your couch and presto! A sturdy and stylish coffee holder."

The response online was pretty positive!

"Love it. Stealing this idea, thank you." one person wrote.

"Brilliant idea," added another.

"Also a great laptop table when you have to work from home." pointed out a third.

Seems like this Kmart product is perfect for a few different uses!