Mum's 'outrageous' list of demands for babysitter spark debate

omg 31/07/2020

A Canadian mum has been slammed online over her outrageous listing for a babysitter, which has been labelled "slavery" by commenters. 

The unidentified woman posted a large list of "unreasonable" demands on a local Buy and Sell Facebook page, before the post was quickie screengrabbed and shared to Reddit.

Offering a mere CA$100 (NZ$112) per week, the mother clarified she wanted the potential sitter to care for her two "well behaved and polite" daughters, aged six and two.

In capital letters she iterated the sitter provide "vegan, organic food" for the children, be smoke-free, "must work weekends with no notice" and submit to a criminal background check.

"After six months, if we are still conducting business, wages will go up to $150 a week," the post continues. "No, you cannot sleep at my condo. No, you cannot have friends over. No, you cannot study/watch YouTube/be on your phone while on duty."

The post has garnered accusations of "slavery" from commenters on Reddit. 

"I'm sure that $100 per week will go far to provide the vegan organic food she's demanding the babysitter supply," the Redditor who screenshotted the post pointed out. 

"I will never understand how people could leave their children in the care of someone who is willing to accept $1.66 an hour," one person commented. 

"I'd like to take the job and never show up," wrote another. 

"Someone needs to tell her that slavery is unconstitutional," joked another.