Mum says changing bed sheets is 'a waste of time' and vows to stop washing them

omg 30/07/2020

This mum has sparked a heated debate online after revealing that she now refuses to change and wash her family's bed sheets.

"Washing bedding saps a lot of time for minimal reward. Crisp sheets only feel good for about one minute after I get into bed, and they don’t improve my quality of sleep." she wrote in a blog post on Kidspot.

"Nobody else in my family even notices, so there are no pats on the back for being a domestic goddess."

"A while ago I saw a headline declaring that we should be washing our pillowcases every two days due to the nasties, which inhabit these neglected pieces of fabric. Two days! My cynicism reared up, wondering what they were trying to sell. But more importantly, what are the consequences if I don’t? You guessed it – zilch."

"My partner and kids don’t implore me to launder them or notice either way. Contrary to what the propaganda tells us should happen, I am not drowning in phlegm or regret or anything else," the parent added.

How often do you change your bed sheets, for many people the thought of not changing their sheets after a week sends chills up their spins!