Mum shares her clever hack for tricking her son into thinking he's eating McDonald's

we love 30/07/2020

If you've got a kid who is always begging you for a McDonald's Happy Meal, then this simple hack could save you a world of pain... And Money!

Writing on Facebook, the mum shared how she tricked her son into thinking he was eating Maccas when he actually wasn't.

"My son loves McDonald's. But let me tell you who ain't finna be running cross that street everytime he wants 'chiccy nuggets and fren fwies'" her post began.

"Like the innovative mom I am, I got a solution for you all! I made sure he ain't tear up the boxes like he usually do and I saved the containers."

She added that when he now asks for McDonald's she has freezer food ready to be cooked and placed in the iconic bag!

"The trick was to make sure it's shoe string fries cuz the little crumb snatcher knows the difference." she added.

"I told him it was getting delivered and when it was done, I boxed it up and snuck downstairs and acted like somebody was at the door. (the crap we do for our kids)."

"If you really wanna be fancy and add a little razzle dazzle, go grab a toy he forgot about and throw that sucka in there too!"

Such a clever and simple idea, might be worth giving this a go!