Mum shares how her simple 'Kmart' rubbish bin hack solved her kitchen problems

we love 28/07/2020

A mum has gone viral online after sharing her simple Kmart hack for helping to clear up her kitchen and keep the rubbish out of sight.

"I snapped last week and cleaned out the only possible cupboard we have in the kitchen," she wrote on Facebook.

"It's less than 450mm wide and I've had trouble finding anything small enough or cheap enough to go in there."

"Kmart to the rescue."

She went down to her local Kmart and bought a Flip Top Bin ($15) and a Under the Sink Sliding Organiser ($30) - creating the perfect under the sink rubbish bin set up. Similar set-ups done professionally could've cost her hundreds of dollars.

"My problem is solved. Saved myself around $100."

The response to her clever thinking was huge...

"You rock! Stealing this idea for sure," one person wrote.

"You win the Internet today! Very clever and great idea! Well done. Thank you for sharing,” added another.

"I have the same issue and omg you have saved my day! Off to Kmart today." someone else said.

This could be a great way to get some order into your kitchen and keep the rubbish out of sight - happy shopping!