Unusual 'rose wedgie' wedding dress sparks debate online

omg 07/08/2020

For many brides, finding the perfect wedding dress is up there with one of the most important parts of the whole day. 

But one unlucky bride's choice has drawn the mirth of the internet, with a photo of the design going viral in a popular wedding-shaming Facebook group for all the wrong reasons. 

While the top half of her dress is fairly traditional with a corset bodice and rose accents on the shoulders, it develops into a full-bodied skirt with, bizarrely, a group of chunky roses sewn directly over her bum.

"Is she pooping roses? I don't understand," wrote the woman who posted the shot. 

The post has racked up over 1000 likes and 300 comments from wedding shamers absolutely going to town on the unusual design. Some said it reminded them of "constiptation" while others thought it looked like "cysts", "butt plugs" or a "rose wedgie".

"Reminds me of when a horse's tail is decorated for a show," one person observed. 

"I thought she was holding a bouquet with her butt cheeks," wrote another. 

"'Did she sit on a part of a garland and it got stuck to her dress?" asked another. 

While many of the responses were savage, others acknowledged the dress could have been fine, if it wasn't for the strange accents. 

"The dress looks promising but that rose placement ruins it," another wrote.