'Dog or Creepy Clown' optical illusion is leaving people confused

omg 02/10/2020

Since the days of "is the dress Blue/Black or Gold/White", the internet has loved a good visual or audio illusion. And this latest one had us really scratching our heads.

A photo shared on social media over the past week has baffled hundreds of people into seeing either the photo of a dog, or the image of a creepy clown.

Most people are convinced it’s either one or the other, and few people are saying they can see both.

The key to being able to see the dog is its eyes, which are at the top of its body. The clown, which is facing to the left, can be found as its right eye is the dog's nose.

Unlike other debates, there is actually a correct answer in this particular debate – it’s definitely just a picture of a dog.

But it didn't stop people taking the time to draw the clown face on the picture to help others see what they mean.

We'd prefer friendly dog over creepy clown any day!