Bride who saved upwards of $15,000 on her wedding shares her cost-cutting tips

omg 10/09/2020

Weddings can be expensive, and with the average cost of one being $30,000 in New Zealand it pays to try to cut down on costs.

A bride from the UK has shared her top tips for cutting costs after she saved roughly $20,000 on her own wedding!

1. Decide on your non-negotiables

"But make sure your mindset is right and you’re not deciding on those things because that’s what other people do - that’s not your priority."

2. Think outside of the box for your venue

"We booked a private schoolIt was quite local to us, they didn’t really ‘do weddings’ and that was the key thing. We saved so much money doing that, we booked a venue that isn’t ‘normal.’"

3. Sometimes buffets are cheaper than a sit down dinner

Multiple courses can be nice - but sometimes a buffet can work out cheaper. Plus people get to mix and mingle a bit more!

4. Get friends to help prepare snacks and canapes

Everyone loves a snack after the ceremony, but it doesn't need to be anything hugely fancy!

5. Consider a second-hand wedding dress

But why stop there, maybe look at second-hand dresses for the bridal party!

6. Make your own decorations

"I made so many of them myself" she said, "I took crafting, I took to eBay, I made things - it was brilliant fun, rope in your girly mates."

7. Get friends and family to help with hair and make-up

"My best friend from school was at the time a hairdresser and makeup artist, so she did it all for me."

8. Find a 'non-professional' photographer with experience

"I found a lady on Facebook who was training to be a photographer and charged me about $150 or something ridiculous."

9. Enlist someone you know to help make the wedding cake, or DIY out of rounds of cheese!