Grandma's patience tested after hilariously trying to bake with 2-year-old grandson

funny stuff 08/09/2020

Ever baked with a two year old? It's not easy, that's for sure. Paitence is definetly needed, and paitence was one thing that this Nana has a lot of!

Two-year-old Cade is a regular on Instagram sharing videos of himself baking with family.

Recently, Cade stepped up to the bench with his Nan to make chocolate chip cookies. While everything seemed to go well for a bit, any time she turned away, Cade snuck his sticky fingers into the bowl to grab whatever he could get his hands on. Sometimes he scored a whole stick of butter or a handful of sugar, and other times he was trying to chomp down a raw egg.

You can watch a short snippet here, or scroll down further for the full video.