Mum shares hilarious note daughter wrote to try and get out of going to school

funny stuff 17/09/2020

A mum has shared the cheeky note her daughter left outside her room in an attempt to get out of going to school.

The note was shared to the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas Facebook page where it quickly went viral.

"This made me laugh this morning... it didn't work and she is at school." the mum wrote.

Here is what the note said...

"Hi mum, it’s Olivia. Just wanted to tell you there is no need to wake me up.

I am really tired. Pls say to the office ‘hi it’s Olivia’s mum, she has a high tempreture and she says she feels dissy and sick.’

Please at least I can spend some time with you. I love you. 

Please just for me. P.s. your lovely daughter."

The response online was pretty positive towards the daughter's attitude.

"What a brilliant funny kid I’d deffo give her the day of pamper her like a princess and be super proud of her spirit lol." one person said.

While someone else wrote "Good try, ten out of ten for effort!"

Can't blame her for trying!