Mum turns kid's sandwich into a jigsaw puzzle to make lunch more exciting

we love 07/09/2020

One mum has come up with a creative and thoughtful way to make her child's lunch box a bit more exciting.

Rather than a regular old sandwich, the mum carfully cut the bread to turn it into a jigsaw puzzle. The idea being that it will make lunch more interesting and also comfort her child during the 'puzzle' of a year that has been 2020.

"This year is going to be a ‘puzzle’. With a happy attitude we all will get through it together." the mum wrote on Facebook.

"My first attempt... That took much longer than I thought. Hopefully tomorrow goes better. No lie I wanted to scream this morning."

But as it turned out, she wasn't the only parent to do something creative like this - other parents came forward saying they too make their kids lunches into puzzles.

"I do a lot of precutting before the week starts, like cheese and meats I precut. Then it’s just the fruit and veggies for later. I LOVE your sandwich!" one person replied.

"It's because it was your first time haha. Once you get used to it, it will be a breeze!" sympathised another.

"I do it the night before, that way I don't have to rush in the morning." said another.

While it might be a bit of work, it could be a fun way to make your kids' lunch a bit more exciting!