Mum uses family photos to create amazing feature walls around the house

we love 10/09/2020

This mum has been praised for her clever use of family photos.

Wanting to spruce up the living room in the family home, the woman decided to print some photos off in black and white and use them to make feature walls!

"So how many photos is too many!?" she wrote on the Kmart Inspired Homes Facebook group.

"For those wondering/asking, these are 6” square prints done via Harvey Norman online." she added.

"They’re printed with a white border and then stuck hard up against each other with a little double sided tape in each corner. They’re matte prints (and not covered or laminated) because I didn’t want a gloss look. I just wipe them down with a microfiber cloth to dust them every now and then."

"My 1yr old LOVES looking at them! They’re too hard for her to rip off because of the double sided tape in each corner (right to the edge)... too hard for little fingers to grab an edge. & my 5yr old knows better than to mess with my photos."

Other people online were quick to praise the woman for her clever thinking.

"I love this idea! I’m so over my photo 'frames' around the house." one person wrote.

"So clever and artistic. Thank you for sharing. Now I want to do this!" added another.

"You've done this so beautifully. If I did that many prints it would look cluttered but You've made it look just perfect." someone else said.

This could be the perfect way to decorate your place, plus a take a wee stroll down memory lane!