Parents defend Mum's pancake school lunch idea after she's criticised by trolls

we love 09/09/2020

This mum received a bit of heat online after sharing her pancake school lunch she made for her kids.

She posted her idea on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook group, but some internet trolls were quick to criticise the woman's 'unhealthy' choice.

The packed lunch consists of pancakes, Nutella, honey and some fruit.

"You can do this without the Nutella!" she wrote on Facebook.

"I understand most schools won't allow so of course no nutella. But as for the sugar content the honey is natural sugars as are the fruit. Please remember its just an idea am just trying to help others out."

Enter the internet trolls...

"More like a dessert than a lunch. Looks unhealthy apart from fruit." one wrote.

"Not a proper lunch really." added another.

"Ok... So that’s dessert sorted!" someone else said.

But other parents quickly came to the woman's defence!

"Why are there so many judgey perfect parents?" asked one person.

"Why so many horrid comments! A mum trying to help out other Mums with a wee different take on packed lunch. So what if it’s not to your liking, what happened to being kind!?" added one mum.

Some people on internet forums will never be pleased!