Parents reveal how they had their baby toilet trained by 2 weeks old

omg 08/09/2020

Aussie parents Tom and Montana have made waves online after revealing how long it took them to toilet train their newborn.

The couple used a method called 'elimination communication' which had their daughter 'toilet trained' in just 2 weeks!

Elimination communication (or EC) is a practice where parents focus on their babies cues, timings and signals to address their needs.

"Babies are born with absolutely no preconceived knowledge of how to go to the bathroom and so if we don’t teach them to go in their nappy, then we don’t have to unteach them." Montana said in a YouTube video.

"It just makes a lot of sense to just straight up say ‘we go to the toilet this way’."

"We recommend setting aside one day, Blue took one day to learn she needed to go toilet in the Tupperware container. Then after that, it was up to us to read the signs."

"After that, you could tell Blue" their daughter, "is like ‘I go to the potty now, take me to the potty’."

"Which was really sweet because she was two weeks old when that happened, and it blew our minds."

You can watch the couple's full YouTube video on their unconventional approach below...