22% of men found to not change their underwear daily, according to study

omg 12/10/2020

Feeling fresh seems to be something only one in five men are experiencing... and women aren't much better.

A new survey done by British company OnBuy has found that 22% of men don't change their underwear every day. For women, that number sat at 18%.

Shockingly, out of their survey pool of 2790 people, it found one in 20 men also admitted to re-wearing their jockeys more than five times before washing them. Yikes.

From those surveyed, 25% of men and 20% of women decide to re-wear items if they don’t smell dirty, with a further 29% of men and 30% of women doing so if they’re not visibly dirty.

It also found that 13% of men and 4% of women keep hold of their underwear for more than 3 years to get their money's worth. On the flip side, 40% of men and 55% of women replace them yearly.

Of course, no one needs to tell you that it's important to change your underwear every day, to avoid the risk of UTIs, yeast infections and even more unpleasant experiences "downstairs".

But if even that doesn't convince you, don't forget what grandma used to say - “Always wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident!”

Source: Metro