Man goes viral selling his ex-girlfriend's fake designer bag with savage listing

funny stuff 12/10/2020

When a relationship ends, it's not uncommon to get rid of your ex's stuff. Some may give it back to their former flame, some throw it away without a care, and some of the more dramatic ones love to burn it.

But one man decided to burn his ex on Facebook instead, while pocketing a bit of spare change at the same time.

An Australian man went viral with his ad for his ex-girlfriend’s fake Jimmy Choo handbag, detailing a long list of similarities between his ex and the knock-off item.

“Selling my ex-girlfriend’s fake Jimmy Choo handbag. It matched her persona quite well, fake and leathery,” the man wrote in the post.

“The bag is empty, much like her soul,” he wrote.

The man also explained there were “bits that weren’t quite in the right place and a strange smell”.

“Girlfriend, not the bag, it smells great,” he reassured.

The bag, listed for $20, got quite a lot of attention in the group he listed it in, and was quickly snapped up - but not before people commented that his description was the “best sale post ever”.

“Brilliant! Plenty more real ‘bags’ out there,” one user commented.

“That’s the best thing I’ve read all week!” added another.

“I think you’re a bit like the bag too – you’re blue, but you’ve got a handle on it,” another commenter said.

Read a snippet of the listing below:

Image source: Facebook