New home owner confused by 'presents' left by previous owner all over the house

omg 16/10/2020

A new home owner has been left scratching their head after moving in and finding a series of 'presents' around the house.

The previous homeowner took it upon themselves to plaster the house in SpongeBob Squarepants artwork.

"Person just sold their house and is leaving some little presents for the next owners." someone wrote on Reddit alongside a video of the artwork.

The response online has been split over if it was harmless fun, or could damage the paint work.

"Yeah if I bought a place I wouldn't want something painted in that doesn't need to be. I'm not a fan of Spongebob either so I'd be twice as annoyed." one person wrote.

"I’d be p****d, because who knows if you can find an exact shade match for the wall. Having to repaint it all would suck." added another.

"Imagine saving up all your money to buy a house and it's got little cartoon characters everywhere that u didn't know about." someone else said.

What do you make of the seller's choice to leave the artwork around the place?