Son's underwhelmed response to his dad painting his room goes viral

we love 16/10/2020

A TikTok video of a son disappointed by his dad's DIY work is going viral.

The dad surprised his son by painting his room in the style of John Deere, but he wasn't too chuffed - mainly because he wanted to help out!

"Well that was rude. You painted without me." the boy can be heard saying in the video.

The response online has been huge. Millions of people have viewed the video, with many even sympathising with the boy in the comments section...

"I was expecting him not to like it and he's more bummed because he wanted to help awwww." one wrote.

"The way his voice broke when he said 'you painted without me'." gushed another

Another added that "the fact that he would rather help out than be surprised is so heartwarming. You've raised a gem."

Hopefully whatever the next DIY project is they get to do it together!