UNO enrages players by confirming that stacking '+2 cards' is against the rules

omg 15/10/2020

Back in May last year, UNO turned the internet upside down when they took to social media to tell people that we've been ignoring a certain rule all this time.

Their official twitter account tweeted that you cannot stack a pick up two or a pick up four card on top of another 2+ or 4+ card.

According to them, if the player before you has put down a 2+ or 4+ card, you must simply pick up the cards and be done with your turn.

Now, the UNO team have taken to twitter again to re-remind people with a very stern message from managment that this rule still exists.

They ended their stern tweet with the message "Go ahead, roast us", as they clearly knew UNO players far and wide would still not be happy about this absurd rule.