Dad discovers "horrible" tree decoration that could ruin Christmas for kids

omg 12/11/2020

Parents, turn your screen away from your kids!

A father says his young child's Christmas was almost ruined when he spotted an offending bauble on a recent shopping trip.

Posting his experience to the Facebook group 'Christmas Mums and Dads Australia', he recounted how his young one picked up a seemingly innocent elf bauble decoration in Typo.

On closer inspection, the child had noticed the $3 ornament was holding a sign that said 'Santa's not real'.

And as expected, the child began questioning everything.

Be warned - the offending ornament is below:

Sharing on Facebook, he wrote "Hey mums and dads, just a warning as I was caught out today. The store typo/cotton on have horrible Christmas ornaments for sale that my child was able to read and ask me ‘is Santa real?'"

"I tried to complain but didn’t get anywhere. I’d like to encourage as many people as possible to email/call/live chat and complain and get these things taken off the shelves."

The backlash from parents was quick and severe online, with parents on Kidspot saying the ornament "is stealing their innocence," and taking "the fun out of Christmas for my kids."

A Typo spokesperson responded by admitting while their ornaments aren't "very PG", they did "completely agree with this customers comments that we’ve missed the mark here."

“Sometimes we do make mistakes and we are happy to own up to it. This particular ornament is not funny and we certainly don’t want to ruin Christmas for any human (no matter their age). As a brand we’re taking immediate action on this and have made the decision to pull this ornament from our range globally, both instore and online."

Who knew decorating a tree could create so much controversy!

Source: Kidspot