Disney lovers are adoring this easy Kmart DIY Christmas decoration

we love 16/11/2020

Who doesn't love a good Kmart hack, especially at Christmas time!

A clever woman by the name of Leanne Franks posted her easy Kmart wreath hack in the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group, explaining that she spent “bought two of the 2 piece wire rings and wrapped them with [sic] green tinsel" to create an adorable Mickey Mouse shaped Christmas wreath.

Source: Facebook

Best part - it can cost you less than $12 to create.

So how is it put together? Two of Kmart's $3 Two-piece wire rings are shaped in the iconic Mickey Mouse face shape - the smaller rings act as the ears of Mickey around the one larger ring.

Then wrapped together with your choice of tinsel, add in a bow or ribbon to hang - and you're done!

If you don't wish to use green tinsel or Christmas-themed decorations, you could also swap this look for fluffy trim or ribbon.

A perfect festive decoration for the kid at heart.