Fed up dad shares photo of his family's huge 'odd sock' collection

omg 05/11/2020

For some reason socks seem to have a knack for going missing - leaving their partner sock abandoned and alone.

That is certainly the case for the Davis family. Posting in the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group, the dad shared a photo showing off his family's huge collection of odd socks.

"Job lot of odd socks for sale - the matching pair is probably in your house coz it definitely isn’t in our house!" he began by saying.

"How is it even possible to have this many odd socks - this was AFTER we had made up 80 pairs of socks out of the odd sock box."

Many other people came forward after the man's post, admitting their houses look pretty similar!

"Oh yes, I feel your pain. HOW does this even happen?" one person wrote.

"We have this problem too. Managed to clear the wash baskets over lockdown and still no pairs. I can do a wash load and every single sock that comes out is an odd one!?" added another.

But someone else offered a practical solution "we started buying our sons the same socks every time so they always matched."

If this is you - know you are not alone!