Furious bride demands refund from bridal store, misses obvious detail about dress

funny stuff 12/11/2020

We know the "big day" is stressful, but one bridezilla got put in her place when she mistakenly sent an angry message to a wedding dress store.

The soon-to-be bride had ordered a wedding dress from a bridal store; a beautifully white, mermaid-style dress with frills that she fell in love with.

But when she received her dress in the mail, she was shocked that it looked nothing like what she had ordered.

Taking photos of her in the "wrong" dress, she sent an angry message to the company demanding that she get a refund for her purchase.

The dress she wanted, and the dress she "got". [Facebook]

It was when she received an email from the store that she realised the "blonde moment" she had.

"Well, today I received this response from the company 'you put the dress on inside out, please put it on the right way'.

"Who knew that they shipped wedding dresses inside out? ...the dress actually turned out beautiful."

Oops! Looking at the photos she had posted on Facebook - it's pretty clear that the dress was noticeably inside out.

"Sometimes it doesn't matter how much school we put behind us....we’re still going to lack common sense, like how to put clothes on properly."

Thankfully she, and many others online, have had a good laugh bout her mistake. And at least that's one wedding disaster easily avoided!

Source: Metro