Man creates Disneyland rollercoaster in his parents' backyard

omg 13/11/2020

When your favourite theme park is shut down due to a worldwide pandemic, most people would just think about having normal hobbies like making sourbread or starting a veggie garden.

But this dad of three, who was quarantining in California with his wife, parents and siblings, decided to recreate a fully functioning rollercoaster in his parents' backyard.

Sean LaRochelle, a graduate student pursuing his master's in architecture, casually decided on a whim to build a rollercoaster.

"I went up to my dad and I was like, I think we're going to build a roller coaster in the backyard. And he's like, "Oh yeah, that's fine. No worries." I don't think he realised how big it was going to be, but he was super supportive," he told CNN.

Basing it off the Disneyland ride, the Matterhorn, Sean utilised the talents of 30 friends to put the 122 metre length ride together. It rides one person at a time, and takes 50 seconds from start to finish.

"We've got, you know, rock formations and waterfalls and an animatronic yeti. And you do a couple of loops around the mountain and try to escape its clutches," he said.

He started construction on it in March and finished it by July. Sean said it was basically a full-time job for he and his brother Michael on top of the full-time jobs they already had.

"Basically, it was after work every day, we'd work until it got dark. And then we'd wake up early in the morning, we'd work until we had to go to work. And then on the weekends, it was 24/7 pretty much," he said.

"We're not, you know, mechanical engineers. We're not, you know, artisans, we're just people. And you know, I think it goes to show that anyone can do this stuff."

Not quite as simple as a sourdough recipe but hey, we could be hopeful!