Mum shares her hilarious Christmas tree fail after moving house

funny stuff 19/11/2020

An Aussie mum has been left in stitches after realising she lost part of her Christmas tree while moving house.

Her kid was so eager to use the same tree that instead of buying a new she used the bottom part of the tree!

"I have had many people ask for a tutorial video how to do your tree like this... However I don't have time for that so here you go." she wrote on Facebook.

As you'd imagine, the response to her tree was hugey positive...

"You just won the internet and the best tree of 2020 my friend!" one person wrote.

Another person even said "best one I’ve seen. Xmas is about the young ones having fun and family. This captures that and it’s a memory!" 

"Perfectly imperfect just the way it should be." someone else said.

Who knows, maybe this will be a new trend this Christmas!