Mum thinks her moisturiser has gone mouldy only to find her kid tampered with it

omg 09/11/2020

This mum was left shocked after realising the moisturiser she thought had gone mould had only been tampered with by her 2 year old!

"So today I couldn't understand why there was brown bits coming out of the moisturiser" she wrote on the Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas Facebook group.

"So I cut it open only to find 7 pieces of *cereal*. You've got to love 2 year olds."

Other parents came forward sharing similar stories...

"My daughter put vinegar in my can of coke yesterday. She's 6." confessed this mum.

"Made my evening, this." one person wrote.

"On a serious note though... Any skin improvement?"

You can't help but laugh at situations like this - takes skill for a 2 year old to get cereal in the bottle!