Returning Kiwi chef turns quarantine meals into restaurant-quality dishes

omg 18/11/2020

When you've got 14 days of managed isolation, and entertainment limited to just your hotel room - people can find interesting ways to be creative.

A previously Melbourne-based chef, Sam Low, has been spending his managed isolation in a Wellington hotel turning his boxed breakfasts, lunches and dinners into something that a restaurant would plate up.

Sharing his posts on both Facebook and Instagram, he explained that he "found food preparation and plating incredible therapeutic, a outlet for my creative mind."

"This was important for me during my time in hotel quarantine especially when there’s so much negative posts out there with managed isolation blogs and social media posts. I wanted to shed a light and positivity on being grateful and appreciative of what the NZ government is doing to prevent the spread of Covid-19."

Delicately presented meat and vege, reimagined hotcakes and fruit, and even perfectly placed potatoes, burgers and couscous just make up some of the dishes he's photographed.

The plates even caught the attention of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who loved the creativity of Sam's meals.

"Someone tagged me into the posts of @_sam_low_  , a chef returning to NZ who brought his own cutlery with him so he could challenge himself (and probably pass the time too) by re-plating his meals," she posted on Facebook.

"Love the creativity, but especially love the appreciation for all our people working so hard to look everyone coming home."

Now if only we could hire him to make all our meals look exciting!