Wife shares her fussy husband's hilarious McDonald's delivery order fail

funny stuff 13/11/2020

We've all made a mishap when ordering something online, and for this hungry husband he made the worst one possible... Screwing up a burger order!

"My husband just ordered McDonald's from Uber eats. He unticked all the salad options because he doesn't like it, without realising he unticked the bread bun and chicken too..." the man's wife wrote on Facebook.

"So this is his chicken burger that turned up and he paid £3+ for and £4 delivery."

What he opened his takeaway bag to find was a cardboard burger holder full of sauce...

"He adds ketchup as an extra and removes mayo because he doesn't like it."

The response online has been huge, with many people having a chuckle.

"This made my day!" one wrote.

"Honestly this happens to me soo often because I’m an only meat and cheese person hahahaha." added another.

A third person joked that "He looks fuming. Hilarious."

Take this as a warning if you're getting takeaways this weekend!