Woman admits her 'bad mum' moment after school photo fail

funny stuff 17/11/2020

An American woman has admitted her "bad mum" moment when a printed t-shirt she dressed her daughter in caused a hilarious wardrobe malfunction in a school photo shoot.

TikTok user @PaigePuhlease shared the hilarious moment online when she saw her daughter's school photos sent to her to purchase.

While her young daughter smiled adorably at the camera, she was unaware that her shirt, printed with the words "Sasshole", was obstructed in view.

So instead of the word "Sasshole", the shirt appeared to read "A**hole".

"Well.. should I order some prints or what..." Paige asked her Tiktok followers.

Naturally, most parents told her to definitely buy the photos.

"Order order order!!! I'd have it hanging in the living room," wrote one TikTok user.

"That photographer knew what they were doing," commented another. "Two words: Christmas card," suggested one person.

One user posed the question we were all thinking: "Bad mum…. Or mum of the year?

"I'm going with the second one," they added.

The video has been watched more than 11 million times, and it's fair to say that picture will be reappearing at her daughter's 21st!