'Evil Genius' mum shares her hack for getting kids out of the house during holidays

we love 14/01/2021

Struggling to get your kids outside as the school holidays begin to wind down? This woman's clever hack could be just the thing!

"I think I maybe an evil genius." the mum wrote on the Family Lockdown Tips and Tricks Facebook page.

"The phone obsessed 11 year old and fifa addicted 13 year old can be somewhat reluctant when any suggestion of fresh air or exercise is suggested."

"So I sent them on an errand, which they didn't object to, to deliver to deliver a letter to my sister, by hand, on the other side of the village."

"This is the contents. They have no clue."

Cunningly, the letter had no point at all. Here's what it said.

"Lucy! Not gonna lie, this serves nothing more than to get the tweeny bopper & reptile boy out in fresh air and they have no idea this is a pointless note."

Give this a go if your kids are stuck inside with no sign of going out!