Poodle's adorable round hair-cut makes him look like a little sheep

we love 14/01/2021

Goma the poodle is going viral for his adorable hair cut. Many people have compared his round hair style to that of the sheep - making this pup an internet sensation.

While he may look adorable, there is a serious reason behind his look.

"Goma’s style is not a prank, it’s love." the doggy hair stylist said.

"He had a problem with a habit of licking his paws to be clean and the saliva made the hair on his legs tangled, which was painful for him to unravel."

"That’s why I decided on a sheep-style cut for him." she added.

"He also has a hunched back by nature and the sheep style is a good way to cover his shortcomings."

"He was born a poodle but doesn’t have to be poodle style. I love shining individuality and in my work."

Based on these pics, he certainly looks like a happy wee doggo!