Couple who wanted 'one more kid' end up having quintuplets

omg 22/02/2021

Adam and Danielle Busby from Houston, USA had hoped for just one more kid...

But they ended up getting more than they bargained for after Danielle found out she was expecting quintuplets!

The couple are about to share their story on the TV show 'Outdaughtered'.

Talking about life after their 5 daughters arrived, Adam said "It was exhausting. Days and nights just ran together."

"We would have a 45-minute break after feeding, changing and cleaning bottles, and then we'd have to wake them up again."

"It seemed like it never ended. I was delighted to get away to work."

"They are so full of energy, we are constantly trying to find ways to tire them out.

"It’s a full time job keeping up with these toddlers."

His wife Danielle added "This is our family. We are blessed and we are complete."

Adam has since received a vesectomy.